Dear comrades combatants in Swaziland,

We, the Coordinadora Obrera Sindical, trade union for the gender, class and national liberation of the Catalan Countries, we follow your struggles for a  free  and democratic country and we express our internationalist solidarity and support to the working class and the people of your country. We support your fair demands for democracy, freedom, labor rights and social freedoms.

We unite our voice with yours against monarchy which resulted by corruption, gathering of wealth in the hands of one family while condemned your people to unemployment, hunger, poverty and uncertain future.

The people of the earth have the right to self-determination, to national sovereignty and national independence.


We condemn the state and police violence that assassinate the militants of the popular movement and your leaders, imprison and torture them aiming to terrorize your people and we call upon the authorities to open dialogue with the liberation movement of Swaziland people, PUDEMO.

We are on your side and we wish good luck to your struggles against any kind of capitalist exploitation.

For the international class oriented trade union movement, for the Coordinadora Obrera Sindical, like for the World Federation of Trade Unions, the case of Swaziland is the same with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian People.

Long live the international class oriented trade union movement!

Àrea de Relacions Internacionals

Coordinadora Obrera Sindical – COS
Sindicat per a l’alliberament de gènere, de classe i nacional dels Països Catalans